What is Video Brochure?

What is video brochure?-The latest in video technology

Video brochure is a printed cardboard book,folder or catalogue which is able to display
digital video and audio while providing a custom branded print presentation.It is also
called video card,video booklet,video pamplet,etc.
Video brochure provide a powerful platform on which to deliver a full multi-media
presentation.By combining printed brochures with video technology,you can play and
read your marketing message free of wires,internet access,security worries,at any time
and in any place.
Video brochure takes your marketing campaign to the next level.

How does it work?

Thanks to a magnetic switch,it can start your video automatically upon opening of the
brochure.It can also be programmed with up to 10 buttons giving you complete freedom
and more control over your video brochure than ever before,including volume
controls,on/off switch,video select,play/pause,rewind,fast-forward etc.
Uploading video files on to the brochure also make it easy with a simple USB connection
to your PC,MAC,or laptop.

Why is video brochure so effective?

.All in one sound,video and printing
.Various of screen sizes and buttons to choose from
.Low cost than traditional ad players
.Portable:can play videos any time and anywhere
.Easily for video uploading
.Rechargeable and convenient
.Customized to meet your demands

Product application:

Video brochure are used for a variety of different purposes across a wide variety of
industry sectors,popular uses for them include:
Product promotions/Wedding&Party&Forum&Conference Invitations/Educational
tools/Machine Operation Instructions/Property showcase – virtual tours/Insurance
Presentations/Birthday&Festival Greetings/Product Presentations/Travel Promotions,etc.